Transferable Skills Workshop II (TSW II)

5 and 6 December 2022, online

The Workshop will be focused on entrepreneurship skills and project management

TSWII addresses ESRs from the POST-DIGITAL project and other sisters projects MENTOR and MEFISTA



DAY 1- 5 December 2022, 9-18h

CET, Paris, Berlin, Rome time

Entrepreneurship Skills    Speaker: Warrick Harniess of Scandinavia Stories

09:00 – 13:00 Session 1: Designer the customer experience (4 hours)

– Introduction

– Activity 1: Understanding Customers

– Activity 2: Mapping the buying journey

– Activity 3: Designing a brand and a business model

– Presentation and discussion

14:00 – 18:00 Session 2: Designing the operating model (4 hours)

– Introduction

– Activity 1: Creating the company value chain

– Activity 2: Staffing the value chain

– Activity 3: Preparing the pitches

– Presentation and discussion

– Closure

DAY 2- 6 December 2022, 10-17:00h 

CET, Paris, Berlin, Rome time

This interactive workshop will explore the practical application of project management to research projects. Working through a project lifecycle we will explore:

– How to work with collaborators and stakeholders to define project success

– How to effectively plan projects taking into account the iterative nature of research

– How to pre-empt issues and risk manage the project

– How to assess progress and resolve issues with the project

 Throughout the workshop we will discuss how the same skills that can be applied within research can be applied to future projects that participants may undertake both within and beyond academia with a variety of stakeholders including in industry, business start-up and public sector.


Warrick Harniess

Warrick Harniess is the founder of Scandinavia Stories Ltd, a learning and development consultancy that specializes in marketing-communications and business start-up support. He regularly teaches at UK universities such as University College London, Imperial College, University of Manchester, University of Southampton, University oh Hull, University of Liverpool, University of Southampton and University to name but a few.

Warrick learned his craft during a ten-year career at Pearson Education, and as a lifelong musician inspired by punk rock and the do-it-yourself ethos. Warrick’s book, Red, White and Radical: What Organisations Can Learn About Change from the Rise of American Conservatism was published by Routledge in 2020

Doug Folan

Doug Folan is a highly experienced facilitator and improvement consultant who works with businesses, education and public sector organisations across the UK and internationally. His focus is on supporting people to move from managing to leading, and he has designed and delivered bespoke courses that enable people, teams and organisations to keep improving.  Doug is influential at a strategic level; on national educational policy across the UK and in the Middle East where he is responsible at a national level for creating and implementing a strategic plan for further and higher education, as well as ensuring that research students have a positive experience on their career journey. Doug has worked on a number of programmes with MY Consultants including Leaders Development Programmes, PhD project management programmes and undergraduate student employability initiatives.