Steven Abreu, co-president of the SciCom writing club at the University of Groningen

Steven co-founded a writing club for science communication at GOPHER (Groningen Organization for PhD Education and Recreation). The club organizes regular meetings for young researchers to discuss,  review  and publish scientific texts on the club’s platform.

Mirko Goldmann at the Poster Week 2022, IFISC

With his video presentation “Inferring untrained complex dynamics of delay systems using a physics-informed reservoir” Mirko achieved 3th place in the field Nonlinear Photonics  

March 2022

The video can be seen here

Mirko Goldmann at the IFISC Poster week, 

19 March 2021

Watch video here

International Day of Light 2021 Brochure

16 April 2021

Celebrating the International day of Light the POST-DIGITAL ESRs decribe how their research relates to the concept of “Light”

International Day of Women in Engineering

23 June 2021

To celebrate the INWED2021 and raise the profile of Woman In Engineering, EC Project Managers at AiPT produced a poster