About the project

The future economic growth in Europe requires engineers and researchers capable to design, develop and implement new information technologies to support explosive data-driven transformation of economy, public and government activities. Current information, computing and processing technologies strongly rely on the classical digital approaches and architectures developed by von Neumann. It is well understood nowadays that brain- or nature-inspired (neuromorphic) technologies can offer substantial advantage in terms of processing capabilities and power efficiency. The development of analog hardware platforms will allow us to achieve significantly higher bandwidth efficiency, faster processing and higher adaptability through integration of self-learning systems.

European Training Network on Post-Digital Computing – POSTDIGITAL is an interdisciplinary training network comprising internationally leading teams from academia, research centres and industry, including IBM, Thales and three highly reputed SMEs. POST-DIGITAL will provide a unique training opportunity to a cohort of 15 early stage researchers (ESRs) in the inter-disciplinary fields of emerging disruptive neuromorphic computational technologies and their applications. The strong industrial presence in the network will bridge the gap between early stage innovation and utilization, providing ESRs with the experience of practical applications and solutions beyond traditional digital methods. POST-DIGITAL has the ambition and the vision to create a new generation of scientific and industrial leaders that will greatly contribute to strengthening Europe’s human resources and industry competitiveness in future digital and post digital economy and technology.