POST-DIGITAL papers at ETAI 2021

Four POST-DIGITAL papers have been accepted at Emerging Topics in Artificial Intelligence  ETAI 2021, a conference providing a forum for a highly interdisciplinary community combining artificial intelligence with photonics, microscopy, active matter, biomedicine, and brain connectivity.

Paper 1:

Title: A complete, parallel, and autonomous photonic neural network in a semiconductor multimode laser

Authors: Anas Skalli,1,2 Javier Porte,2 Nasibeh Haghighi,3 Stephan Reitzenstein,3 James A. Lott,3 Daniel Brunner1,2

1Univ. de Franche-Comté (France)
2Institut Franche-Comte Electronique Mecanique Thermique et Optique (France)
3Technische Univ. Berlin (Germany)

Session 1: Emerging AI Hardware I

Paper 2


Title: Frequency multiplexed optical extreme learning machine

Authors: Alessandro Lupo,1 Lorenz Butschek,1 Serge Massar1

1Univ. libre de Bruxelles (Belgium)Session 14: Emerging Topics I 

Paper 3

Title: Noise-Resistant Optical Implementation of Analogue Neural Networks

Authors: Diego Arguello Ron,1, Morteza Kamalian-Kopae,1, Sergei Turitsyn,1

1Aston University, (UK)

Paper 4

Title: Analog information processing with time-multiplexed  optoelectronic systems  

Authors: Mirko Goldmann,1 Ingo Fischer,1 Miguel C. Soriano1

1Instituto de Física Interdisciplinar y Sistemas Complejos (Spain)